Research, Academic Work and Design

Kevin Hinz earned a Master in Architecture degree from the Harvard University Graduate School of Design after more than 10 years in construction contracting, an experience of learning the craft of building in practice. His academic career explored applications for digital technology in architecture culminating in a Master's thesis titled Brick Geometries: 5-Axis Additive Manufacturing for Architecture. He is motivated by an interest to relate theoretical and conceptual ideas to the process of design in architecture and engineering.

Kevin's professional experience includes a 5 year term in the Fabrication Lab while a researcher with the Material Processes and Systems Group at the GSD. Here he engaged in developing architectural applications for material technologies provided by the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, and contributed to the production of multiple ceramics exhibits, system prototypes and architectural pavilions designed to explore the future of ceramics in architecture.

His last appointment was as a research assistant at the University of Montreal where his knowledge of digital technologies and 3D printed ceramics protocol will support new research for computational design, numerical simulation and model optimization for clay printing. Kevin currently works as an Intern Architect at the locally renown firm EM2N, in Zurich Switzerland.